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Sperm whale oil hunting resources oil

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Energy experts predict that the global production of oil will soon start to decline, what's referred to as peak oil. Now while we may not be there yet, there was a time in our history when we did reach a similar plateau, but it was a very different kind of energy source — one that could only be extracted from the heads of sperm whales. It was the intense demand for this sperm whale oil, what's called spermaceti, during the 18th and 19th centuries that nearly drove the whales into extinction. And it was only through the development of a rather modest technological innovation that the whales were saved at the last minute. The above image of a scene from Moby Dick was drawn by Paul Lasaine. Back at the start of the industrial age, whale oil was used for heating, lubrication, soap, candle wax, and the processing of textiles and rope.
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Whaling: Oil & “Bone” – Making A Profit

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Sperm Whale | Facts, pictures & more about Sperm Whale

Whale oil is oil obtained from the blubber of whales. Sperm oil , a special kind of oil obtained from the head cavities of sperm whales , differs chemically from ordinary whale oil: it is composed mostly of liquid wax. Its properties and applications differ from those of regular whale oil, and it sells for a higher price. Early industrial societies used whale oil in oil lamps and to make soap.
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Objects Made From the Whaling Industry

Whale oil , also called train oil , any oil derived from any species of whale , including sperm oil from sperm whales , train oil from baleen whales , and melon oil from small toothed whales. From the 16th century through the 19th century, whale oil was used principally as lamp fuel and for producing soap. Long utilized for lubricating fine instruments, whale oil was treated with sulfur to provide high-pressure lubricants used in machinery, and it was also important in the manufacture of varnish , leather , linoleum , and rough cloth especially jute. Premodern oil was inedible, but advances in chemistry allowed fresh oil to be hardened into a fat , which was used for margarine and soap until vegetable oil became a practical alternative in the late s. Whale oil was extremely important in the manufacture of nitroglycerin for explosives in both world wars, and whale liver oil was a major source of vitamin D through the s.
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The history of Sperm Whale harvesting goes back to , with whaling being a powerful economic driver for the US colonies in the run-up to the Revolutionary War. The whaling fleet was hit hard by both that war and the war of , but by there were roughly whaling ships in the US fleet, with New Bedford, Mass. If you have any "Sperm Whale Oil" around, be sure not to try to sell it, as at least one person has been fined fairly heavily for trying to do so. Whale oil predominantly came from two sources - rendered blubber, and refined oils found in the jaws and heads of certain species. Anything marked "Whale Oil" comes from the rendered fats, and is almost always a blend of oils from many different kinds of whales, both Baleen and toothed whales.
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